RPS Metrology

Your Reference in Articulated Measuring Arms technology

History with a look to the future

  • RPS Metrology origins are in the experience and the passion for research, development and production for articulated measuring arms which has begun since more than 30 years.
  • The first company named Garda Impianti, founded in 1983 by one of the three shareholders: Raffaello Dalla Mariga, was specialized on the production of equipment and machines for the car-bodies repairs.
  • The same company, on 1987, files the first parent and produce the really first mobile measuring arm, named CMS CAR3D.
  • On the 1990 Garda Impianti presents the new mobile arm model named Space and Explorer: the really first arm with 7 axes.
  • On the work base of the previous years, on 1993 the company Garda is founded. Garda develops furthermore the mobile products, presenting portable articulated arms, including the model Inspector, until 2007 when Garda is sold to company Metris.
  • The cooperation on the technical and commercial field made by the three co-founders Raffaello Dalla Mariga, Paolo Perbellini and Stefano Recchia, took the challenge on the market of the articulated measurement arms, and to found in 2015 the company RPS Metrology. Read More...