Innovation, reliability, and flexibility are the guidelines of a company that in over 60 years has always aimed at quality products and a first-class service to the customer. In this way Sorma S.p.A has been able to grow and establish itself as one of the most important competitors at international level.

Sorma has 70 employees in the Italian headquarters in Mestre (Venice) and more than 100 employees in partner business and manufacturing companies.
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Top Quality Carbide Substrate And Latest Coating Technology Combined With Specific Geometries

  • TA external coolant and HTA internal coolant: for general purpose.
  • SUH internal coolant and lapped flutes: For stainless steel.
  • ALH internal coolant and lapped flutes: For aluminium.
  • 4HTA (4 facets) geometries: For deep holes.
  • HRC external coolant for 45~62 HRC.
  • Mini drills: External and internal coolant, ⌀ 1~2,95 mm


A new generation of general-purpose end mills, featuring new cutting geometries and innovative coatings for enhanced performance.

  • G2: The answer given by Osawa to the market demand for higher performance tools. Thanks to a fully optimized manufacturing process and to large production batches G2 combine excellent quality and dramatic general cost reduction.
  • MDTA: The Osawa range of micro grain carbide with PV200 coating. With its 3500HV surface hardness and great resistance at high temperature, the exclusive and innovative PV200 coating ensures the best performance in dry machining (air blow or mist oil).


Osawa carbide rotary burrs are available in a wide variety of shapes and geometries. Each different style is designed to provide specific benefits.

  • M double cut: Good stock removal, excellent finishing and small chips.
  • MPC: Good stock removal, excellent finishing and long chips.
  • MDC diamond cut: For hardened steel, good finishing, generates powder.
  • MNF alu cut: For light alloy.