How We Serve Our Customers

  • We consider our respected buyers as our family members with whom we work in an atmosphere of Respect, Honesty, and Confidence.
  • We extend Consultancy Services to our Clients for the selection of the suitable Machines, jig & fixtures, Tooling to get Mass Production at Economical Cost. We work
    with them on Product production on Turnkey basis as well.
  • We extend services to our clients in best possible time and so far succeed.
  • We can provide best-used machines from USA / CANADA and others.
  • We enjoy in working and Serving with our clients. Services to our clients are Blessing for us. Keeping the Wheel of our industry in motion is our cherished desire.


  • Production Machinery
  • Metal Formatting
  • CNC Turning Centre
  • CNC machining Centre

Job Development Consultancy

If you want to get technical proposal to find out a solution to any of your machining problem or wish to get the Product Cycle Time with complete Tooled Up Machining Solution, please contact to provide you the same in short possible time.

Installation of CNC & Conventional Machines

We have the technical expert to install the CNC and Conventional machines as per makers recommendation.

Fanuc Components Repair Facilities

We have engineers trained with Fanuc to diagnose your machine controller problem and give its certified solution. we also provide selected parts repair within Pakistan.

Spare Parts Delivery

We have CNC Machines spares in stock and for those parts which are normally requested.